Winter sore throat "tea"- In a jar combine lemon slices, organic honey and sliced ginger. Close jar and put it in the fridge, it will form into a "jelly". To serve- spoon jelly into mug and pour boiling water over it. Store in fridge 2-3 months

"5 easy-to-make, no cook, naturally flavored honey syrups that can be a home remedy to soothe a sore throat or cough. These should be covered and stored in the refrigerator. As you use the syrups, you may continue to add more honey to the jars to keep them full.  They are good for at least 1-2 months, maybe longer."

Beat that sore throat QUICK ... someone try this and lmk how it works for u!.

Combine in a 16 oz bottle: 15 drops lavender oil 3-4 Tbsp of vanilla extract 1/4 Cup lemon juice. Fill bottle with water. Shake. Ready to use. Make some extra to gift to your neighbors, family & friends. (Trust me.. it'll be appreciated!)

Cold and Sore Throat Tea Great for the kids and even for the whole family! A must share to your friends and loved ones.. Natural remedy is always the best

Did you know that a teaspoon of honey (local - raw is best) and a 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon will usually knock out a cold within a day or two? Take twice a day for 3 days for best results. Both honey and cinnamon are antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal. Also knocks bladder/kidney infections, reduces sugar levels, blood pressure, acts as a pain reliever for arthritis. And much more! I need this!

sore throat remedy - lemon, mint, ginger, cinnamon & honey

drink this daily and watch the pounds come off without fuss. The recipe is two handfuls of baby spinach, 1 apple, 1 banana, 1 cup of yogurt, 5 strawberries, 1/2 orange. Blend well and enjoy! I love green smoothies!!! This will give you tons of energy!

Winter Miracle tea - will help with sore throat and cough. keep a jar in the fridge all winter long!

I never peel ginger, the benefits abound in the peel. Just slice, boil and sweeten with honey, I add cinnamon to mine as well. Ginger tea is very'll be able to feel the difference. Enjoy!

Check out the 25 amazing things you can do with lemon peels! You will be AMAZED!

Gingerade for coughs and colds.

Apple cider vingar, honey, lemon juice, and cinnamon combine to make powerful DIY cold and sore throat mix.

Home Made Cold & Flu Remedy with lemon ginger honey (you can also add slices of fresh tumeric). A nice get well soon gift.

For a sore throat - cut up 2 lemons, drop them in a small mason jar and pour raw honey over them until it fills up about 1/3 of the jar. You can immediately see the juice from the lemon being drawn out by the honey and the two swirling together. Let it sit in the fridge, over the next few weeks the lemon will darken and the mixture will thicken. The peels and pulp will break down as well and leave behind a golden, lumpy marmalade that you can scoop into a cup and poor piping hot water over

Be proactive, ward off colds, stay healthy all winter!

Effective sore throat remedy

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