Skye Stracke & Lindsay Ellingson for H&M Magazine Summer 2010 _

Sea air sun

typography in JAN magazine, the Netherlands.

Summer • Ornamelle

Galano Classic Typefamily on Behance

black / white / grey / nude / repeat ♥

miu miu.

Katie Fogarty By David Slijper “All In Bloom” Harper’s Bazaar UK May 2013

This is a very proper but slant typeface that i really like. Its like seeing this typeface at a store in the the mall, and the background is very plain but bright and i also like how close the letters are together.


fashion inspiration | editorial : the sofia factor


the new chic

Interview Magazine March 2011

Layouts // Image focused // Muted // Grey // Magazine // Cereal magazine

DNB, Do Not Disturb, Stylelist.ED, stylelistED, Eva Vaughan, typography, type, logo, font, graphic design, minimal, layout.

A fun table of contents, especially if they pertain to a strong theme. Cover stories/ chapters surrounding a representative image. Readable, not overly cluttered.

Editorial - Caps vs Small Caps - Notice: - Different caps are used because it is a title (used for stylistic purposes) - Same typeface throughout - Different type styles (some italic, others regular) - Center in the page - Good spacing away from the body text

NOWEAR LAND | Fashion By The Unfashionable