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Geared for the corporate communications side of a bigger company, this book takes you through the steps of building a social media strategy into the infrastructure of your business. With collaborative effort of all the stakeholders in the organization and the leadership of a social media “evangelist” backed up by an executive champion, you can develop a comprehensive social media policy, usage guide and an education plan for your organization that will work successfully from the inside out.

How can you get the most out of a project regardless of your power or position in an organization? With expert guidance. Kendrick provides thorough explanations and information for managing a project of any size in any area. He builds confidence by listing ten things that any project leader can control, then explores the three elements of project control: process, influence and management, and examines when to use them throughout the life of a typical project.

Whether you want to diffuse a bad situation before it gets worse, handle a complaint patiently and professionally, satisfy customers and increase sales, or build a long-term relationship with an important customer, here are more than 100 of the most useful and effective words and phrases for dealing with even the most demanding customer’s needs. Check out Bacal's website for excerpts from more of his books.

Posen knows from experience, helping stressed-out patients for many years, that workplaces are making people sick. By shifting the focus from the individuals trying to deal with stress on their own to the organization itself, his goal is to help people better handle and cope with their workplace stress and to encourage organizations to look collectively at what everyone in the workplace needs to do to stop making people sick. His book offers constructive ideas and uncomplicated solutions.

Using creative challenges and successful processes like “brainwalking” with ideation stations to generate huge numbers of ideas in only minutes, Mattimore inspires teams to think more innovatively. Challenged with only a half hour to help the team (which already spent 3 months) name Ben and Jerry’s new strawberry and fudge ice cream, slang dictionary pages for inspiration resulted in S.N.A.F.U. (Strawberries Naturally All Fudged Up) ice cream. Valuable techniques for real-world challenges.

“Want to be a cultural innovator?” asks author McCracken. “Culturmatic is our app for that.” Culturmatic: An all-purpose innovation engine to test the world, discover meaning and unleash value. What would it be like if I did this? Like Ed Sobol whose first major contract was to film the 1962 NFL Championship Game between the New York Giants and the Green Bay Packers at Yankee Stadium in New York. His technique made football seem mythical, the players heroic, and was the beginning of NFL Films.

Has your company grown to the point where want to upgrade your legal structure to something that protects you and your assets, and provides other benefits? Either a corporation or a limited liability company will affect your legal and tax status, and bottom line in many ways: from what you pay in taxes to your ability to engage investors. Mancuso offers real-world conversion and formation scenarios displaying all the options available to you, and the newest information on small business taxes.