Chinese willow pattern inspired Johnnie Walker porcelain whisky bottles.

Faucet Face "Tap Is Terrific" Glass Water Bottle

very nice bottle design!!

Packaged, 1% Water Archive, by Kristof Vrancken for Z33, minimal, brand concept, design, packaging, product design, logo, target market, logo design, brand identity

Such a creative idea to use a colored negative space that becomes an image when its full with milk.

11_7_11_house2.jpg 700×395 pixels

no house wine

Designed by Dan Hinde | Country: United Kingdom “D challenged students to create a new brand of Scotch whisky, this included naming the brand, an identity design, packaging and a container. My response is Flora & Fauna, a Superior Scotch inspired by the Miracle of Mother Nature.”



neat and clean

cool packaging


Bottle Dept. / Cocktail Sodas (Student Project) on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery

water bottle from earthlust

"BiancoNero" by k2Design

CK limited edition