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I love to swim, it clears my head to be under the water, weightless and such.

Africa | Portrait of a smiling Erbore girl. Omo valley, Ethiopia | © Johan Gerrits

Africa | Sights and Sounds Harari smile. East Ethiopia. The laughter totally brightens the photo. Beautiful caught-in-the-moment image.

J. L. Borges poem Nostalgia for the present. "At that precise moment to himself the man said: What would I not give to be with you in Iceland under the grand immobile daytime and share this now like sharing music or the taste of fruit. At that precise moment the man was together with her in Iceland." Picture by turquoiseacco on Flickr.

Gosh this is gorgeous! I love people who displays their culture. I think its absolutely captivating!

starting a to do list for this summer's photobooth action

this, just not holding hands hahhaha Angelica Scoggin

Poses. A few look a little suggestive but I can see how they'd work if you're just shooting the head or above the waist etc.

hands...I always notice them. Hands are precious. Hands are beautiful things.