44 Labels for Book Boxes (Classroom Library)

Classroom library labels

Classroom Library...boxes out of Notebook boxes from Target after Back to School shopping, covered with contact paper.

Daily 5!

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Classroom Library Labels

Where to shop to create a classroom library like this one!

Fun way for adjectives, how about antonyms, synonyms, homophones, nouns (common vs. proper), pronouns, etc. You could create a whole class library and then auction them off at the end of the year!

Classroom rewards, NO TREASURE BOX

Personalized book boxes with a student's face on each!

Once Upon a First Grade Adventure: Classroom Library Organization! Free book basket labels, leveling charts, and more!

Classroom Library App...scan in all of your books & includes a book leveler!!

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Printable Classroom Library Labels

Six Classroom Questions to start off the school year!

Printable labels for book bins. nice!