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Eternal Sailor Moon (Usagi Tsukino) from "Sailor Moon" series by manga artist Naoko Takeuchi.

Would love the new Sailor Moon anime to look like this!

Sailor Moons by *skimlines on deviantART ANIME. SAILOR MOON. Pinned from 🎀Stephy Sama🎀

this used to be my show, when i was 7 i was convinced i was Serena, so i would walk around my room and say "girl power" waiting for the transformation to occur -___-

de chica queria ser sailor moon, me hubiera gustado que alguien me escuche en su momento

Eternal Sailor Moon(Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars) Cosplayed by Linamoon Photographed by ? Source:

100% Manga - Sailor Moon Manga Art Books Image Collection

The Italy Fairy Tale is so much sadder :(

Sailor Moon remake coming out this summer! What are peoples thoughts? Will it ever match up to the 90's series? Will kids these days appreciate it? If all else fails we can always watch the old ones! ♥ #sailormoon #luna #90s