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  • Rachel Raven

    Fluffy Cat

  • zerothdegree Levvi

    cute cat fluffy maine coon

  • Kelsey Wilhelm

    I love cats. So much that my friends and family calls me the future cat lady, and I'm not ashamed :) haha

  • WorldStores

    Grey fluffy kitten.

  • Brigette Sofio-Shaffer

    gray kitty cats | Grey Siberian Cat | Funny Cat Wallpapers, Pictures, Images and Photos

  • Beeyda Ocampo

    A beautiful, snuggly Siberian kitten. Siberian cats are excellent parents, with the fathers helping to care for kittens if they are allowed access to the nest. Parents are often strongly bonded and some mothers will only mate with one male. Atypical for cats, juvenile male Siberians have been seen cuddling and grooming their cousins and siblings. Siberians, due to their communal nature, often do better in pairs in captivity.

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Siberian cat--Siberian cats have been around for a long time with the earliest reference to them being made in 1000AD. These majestic cats appeared in the first cat show in the 1870’s and there is reference made to Siberian cats at the cat show in the Madison Square Gardens in 1884.

Siberian cat-want one! Fun fact: 75% of people with pet allergies won't react to a Siberian cat, just thought you should know :)

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God please hear my prayer. God please forgive me for my sins and bless the sick and give hope to the people that are going through tough times in their life. Amen

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