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Robin Harris. So good, so funny. Sweet Dick Willie.

Robin Harris. Best known as the creator of BeBe's kids.

Robin Harris - Live At The Famous Comedy Act Theater: The Lost Tapes: Unavailable: Amazon Instant Video

I love Comedy. My husband and I collect dvd's of comedic standups we love, I am an avid viewer of comedy central standup hours, and I even have a comedy digital playlist on Imeem. When I was a little girl, my mother would banish me from the room during Def Comedy Jam, though I would find a way to either sneak the channel on my television or watch from a hiding place in the dining room. One major comedian during the late 80's of my childhood was the late, great Robin Harris. A native Chicagoa

Movies from the 80's which might interest your family - broken into age ranges and notes about profanity, sexuality, etc.