• Mercedes Mansfield

    So if I saw a speed limit sign like this...I would totally stop by the side of the road and laugh!!! Awesome!!!!

  • Jamestown

    @mom2twingles Here's your algebra in real life, Momma! Looks like you can't drive without knowing your x's and y's! BTW, the speed limit is 45 mph.

  • Kitty Teaches

    Speed limit math problems

  • Ranee Schoenhals

    Ellen's Funny Signs from Around the World. Louise J. from San Diego, California sent us this photo of a speed limit sign. We’ll give you a hint: if you can solve for x before you pass this sign, you’re probably going too slow.

  • Rebecca Snider

    ;) Guess Algebra paid off after all! Thank goodness all speed limit signs don't require math skills....

  • Vicki Smith

    So this is where algebra is used in the real world........

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