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What's sad is I would totally do this, but Wes would never allow me to name our kids after star wars characters. I've already tried to convince him. But he may just yet allow LOTR names............. hehehee

Don't bring a girl in the NBA finals, she'll get bored-Not true... I would LOVE to go to an NBA Game.. Selena should take me!


Don’t break anybody’s heart…


This is perfect

This is perfect

This is perfect

Coffee #119: Ayyyyyy, Sexy Latte. - Oppa Gangnam Style, Starbucks, Cup

If I ever go missing I want my picture on a wine bottle, instead of a milk carton, so that only the fun classy people find can find me!

Bucket list. In #4, say...I will have to let some of you go, but keep ur head up, a few will make it with me to the top. When the elevators stop at certain floors at ppl start to leave say UR FIRED!

Woohoo! I think some people would (not) agree that I am a card carrying member if the National Sarcasm Society~ I already know the proposed sarcasm sentence mark. And the ironic sentence mark. >:3