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  • Kati B

    Great photo opp and everyone feels like a kid again in a sheet tent!!!

  • Erin D

    outdoor blanket fort! One day we will do this in our back yard for a kids' sleep over.

  • Creative Juices Decor

    Five Ways to Make Your Backyard Awesome This Summer! Love the idea of putting up a string and covering it with a sheet....much better outside than in my living room :-) (for kid fun outside making a tent)

  • Leisha Kelsey

    #58 Build a fort. Even though this is for backyard camping, I am going to use this idea for a tent/fort in the family room. The kids will love it and I may never get them out.

  • Dana Nelson-Elkins

    What a fun idea for a girls night, or a date night. Hardly any gear needed. a blowup mattress on the ground and the ipad for a movie in my back yard

  • Lashawn Bollenbach

    gypsy tent in back yard

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Attic theater, cute hide away. Someday! When we have an attic, that is :)

the ten by tens. liek the hub, need canvas covers. this here is almost perfect for the 'front yard focus' set up. tables and shit? not really to my liking, but a vip seating area for the auction? very yes!

someday we'll have this setup ready to go in our camping trailer so that all we'll have to do is get home, fill up the coolers, hitch it up to the truck and take off for the weekend.

whimsical engagment photographs

This concept could make for a very fun toddler bed--especially now that I've received my CedarWorks Rhapsody catalog and realized that the bed I love for Zander costs more than 3k!

beautiful. I will be making this. I don't care how many toes I break! ♥

Of course I have a retreat, honey. I'll be damned if I'm going to sleep on the couch like a common poodle when I tell you that your sister is acting like a nutty bitch.