Jean Nate

Slouch socks were not just tube socks pushed down. Ohhhh nooooo. They were made special so that their slouchie perfection might show up your tight-rolled high waisted jeans and Keds (or Reebok high tops).

Remember using this when your mom rolled your hair? I can still smell it too.

fabulous 70's

Grocery store treats! A tradition that I carry on with my own children now.

the always cool, big banana comb in the back pocket

Remember these? :)

Why do my childhood memories involve my brother ruining innocent things? He'd say "fuzzy wuzzy was a bear, you stole fuzzy's fucking hair".

I remember these...

The beginning of "all natural".

my mom has a set of these today...from yesterday



I remember my mom using these. I would have to lick them and put in a book

I remember this

The gum that goes Squirt!!! I remember thinking this gum was the coolest! My favorite was Cinnamon.

so much fun!

Got sooo many great things by collecting S & H Green Stamps. Loved sticking them in the books and then looking through the catalog picking my next toy or maybe a awesome household item we will all excited about. When we finally had enough books full --- the trip to the S redemption center was like Christmas!!

Bactine - for my skinned knees

Dr. Scholl's 'Original' Sandal | Nordstrom

Encyclopedia's - used for writing reports before the internet....I Remember These Well