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Personalized Plates

I had tons of fun creating these cute vintage inspired face plates! I have a lot of pebeo porcelaine paint(both liquid paint and markers) and have enjoyed

Gorgeous k

Pocelain painting - simple DIY project using any color porcelain paint marker on clean porcelain surface. Bake and voila!

Foodie face plates. Use ceramic paint and let the kids use food to add hair and other features. Great idea!

Foodie Face plates diy - really, really need to find food-safe ceramic paint

DIY Plate Art - or how to get your kids to eat their veg♥(my son would love this!)

Fun plates for kids. Hand drawn Plates are a great idea think of the possibilities with a good ol' SHARPIE !

Love this idea from Think Crafts! by Create For Less

Craft Trends - Ceramic Pens

Assign a collection of plain servingware new duty as stylish spots to stash office supplies. Use a porcelain paint pen to repeat a simple circle chain pattern on each dish. good idea for dollar store plates to hang on wall

Make one each year (made with permanent markers)

Have the kids decorate a plate with permanent markers and bake. Oven safe plate from dollar store. Place (oven-proof) glass plate in a 300 degree pre-heated oven for 30 minutes. *Hand wash only.

Easy Sharpie Pen Craft Project: A couple of supplies will make an creative & customized gift! #DIY

Easy Sharpie Pen Craft Project: A couple of supplies will make an creative & customized gift! maybe for outdoor bird feeder

porcelain pen

I treated myself to a trip to Ikea today and spent a nice crafty hour with my porcelain pen.

Porcelain markers for everything! DIY porcelain marker inspo - megustaonomegusta blog

DIY porcelain marker projects - a great roundup of ideas - more, more more porcelain pen designs

Make your own tiered tray out of pretty plates :)

an industrial spin on the tiered tray [a tutorial] - DIY tiered tray from plastic plates and hardware stuff.