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Portrait miniature of Lady Katherine Seymour, nee Grey (c.1538-68) Countess of Hertford, holding her infant son and wearing her husband's mi...

The 18-year-old Francis Bacon. The inscription around his head reads: "If one could but paint his mind". National Portrait Gallery, London

A portrait of an Egyptian noblewoman who lived ca. 150 BC. From Egypt, encaustic on wood. “Egyptian Roman Period mummy portraits were painted on wooden panels that were slipped into the mummy...

Lucy Neville, my 13th great grandmother. She is an ancestor of Queen Elizabeth II, Prime Ministers Winston Churchill, Robert Walpole and David Cameron as well as Admiral Horatio Nelson.

Portrait of a Lady, previously identified as Lady Jane Grey, quarter-length, in a gold-embroidered coif and white ruff" (after) Clouet, Francois

1597 - Elizabethan portrait of lady Elizabethan portrait on oak panel, dated 1597, cut into oval frame at later date and back restored. Origin: England

Raleigh (1552?-1618) was one of the more famous Elizabethans; a passionate and brilliant man, he angered the queen by secretly marrying one of her ladies-in-waiting, Elizabeth Throckmorton. Imprisoned by Elizabeth, he was eventually put to death by King James I in 1618. His long stay in the Tower chafed at the former explorer, but he continued his many studies and remained a popular figure amongst the English people.