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This reminds me of something my brother-in-law would do to make my sister laugh.... #adorable

I think we all need to take a lesson from these little kids. They really know what love is ♥

Awww my dog scared the shit out of my parents when they found him in my cradle with me

This is what I always imagined my high school years would be like. Unfortunately that didn't happen. Still adorable though :)

You are still my heart Mom. With every beat I think of you and hold you close. xox ~~~ one of the largest online price comparison sites in South Africa, If you like this item, please visit

"Combine this sensibility with the house style of Kedra Hart of Opus Oils, who has a down to earth, almost vintage sense of naughty yet innocent sexiness to her perfumes, and you get these two strawberry surprises. These are not like any strawberry perfumes you've ever encountered before. The strawberry is definitely there, but the most important thing is the passion and the pleasure." ~ Lucy Raubertas/Indieperfumes

CHD Awareness - More babies die from congenital heart defects than all other birth defects.


THIS IS PERFECT ... Tell me that you didn't just laugh :) I am still chuckling picturing the kids' faces!

Awesome. A reflection of your heart floating feel of troubles and filled with beauty!