I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK.. (I ask my neice how much I love her all the time and this is always her reply) :-)

to the moon... and back...

we say this to our 2 year old Juliette each night. She says it right back.

Wood Frame Glass Sign - "A Bushel and a Peck"

My kid's lullaby. Xo

Don't let yourself become so concerned with raising a good kid that you forget you already have one.

Love this.

For my sis...my girls love their Aunt Jesse :) I love her too:) So true nothing better than being an aunt!!!


For Joshua


"You are loved, you are valuable, you are crafted with beauty and purpose. I treasure you and this world needs you..." ~ Curt Mega #IAmEnough #YouAreLoved #YouAreValuable #YouMatter

@Heather Payne can you paint this too???

Everyone in your life is a privilege. <3

Guess How Much I Love You printable


I say this to my grandsons all the time! Great picture to show the depth of love you feel :) www.therapyforyourchild. com

I love, love.

good quote!