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Ekaterina Koroleva

Little Robin- 4"x6" Original Ink & Watercolor. $30.00, via Etsy. Home goods to Fashion http://www.islandheat.com for Great Gift Idea’s

Watercolour pencil drawing

loving the graduation in detail

eu.Fab.com | Illustrating Fashion & Females

Ekaterina Koroleva


Illustration by Missy Bee of http://apocketfullofsweetthings.tumblr.com/ #missy_bee #illustrations #hair #women #boat

I love the use of color in this.

Aquar'elle by Adrien DONOT, via Behance

INK AND POETRY - The ink illustrations of Nanami Cowdroy, an European and Japanese illustrator based in Australia. Between ink and poetry, some very beautiful creations inspired by her origins in which mingle Japanese fish, prints style, spray paint and origami…

ink and watercolor... it's all in the details!

Russ Mills -

So cool looking

I love you, I hate you by Alessandro Andreuccetti

Dreaming Illustrations by Kelly Vivanco

Antonio Lopez

Love these drawings.