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always an exciting moment

yay minions love the minions!


Hilarious Memes I started a retail job 2 months ago and this has been my experience thus far.

I have had this moment a few times.

That awkward moment when you're singing a song you used to sing a lot when you were a kid. and you suddenly understand the lyrics (for me it's every Tone Loc song. Why did my parents let me buy tape?

Ryan Gosling nailed being awesome

Ryan Gosling - Grow up Awesome - Success

hahaha! I know you pinned something like this, but throwing one direction in makes it sooo funny!!!

Own that ponytail, work that updo! This video is so funny!

That Moment When You Think ...

That moment when you think the waitress is bringing your food but then she walks right past you << Story of my life. My whole life. Summed up in one meme.

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Yes! I hate people like that. They say, "I have a tennis court in my backyard and have an elevator in my room.

then leo shouldn't have died!

That awkward moment when you find out Titanic was filmed in a plastic pool, and your whole life is an illusion. - i didn't know that it was filmed in a pool til just now! and it has ruined EVERYTHING!

23 Feelings Anyone With A Crush Will Understand


Lol me at drill- Sponge Bob even has an anchor!

thug life meme - Google Search

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