This is for you A Z.....haha. I really need to frame this and give it to my two lovely angels as wedding gifts. hahaha

This is so true

Motherhood.. funny!

True. Oh the things that go on in that backseat. No imaginary lines can fix my kids bickering with each other.

so funny

In this family we curse, drink, laugh, overshare, yell, hug, and tell inappropriate jokes. That's what family is for. .... Totally my house!! quotes CLICK THE PICTURE to Learn how you can MAKE MONEY while still HAVING FUN on Pinterest!

How about the moment when you punish your kids and realize you sound exactly like your mom! Scary!!

Being a Mom -- that's about right :)

so true

Being a mom ♥


My feelings exactly

Yep, exactly.

EXACTLY. hahaha

It's a mom thing and totally true.

So true :)