• Melissa Alcruz

    so true. if you are ashamed of what you are doing, it's not worth it. shame just blackens the soul. quotes. wisdom. advice. life lessons.

  • Brie Sutton

    True story! My students should remember this.

  • Lise

    Chinese proverb #quote #chines proverb

  • Jennifer Sheehan

    TRUTH. I have to remember this at times because it has definitely bitten me in the butt!

  • Brian Hoffman

    YES...If you don't want anyone to find out dont do it. Character, integrity, lies, truth, life, quotes, choices, actions, secrets, life, lessons, Chinese proverbs, hope, honesty, love, maturity.

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I don't always need to scratch my face but when I do, my gloves are covered in blood, urine, feces, or vomit.

Nurses rock!

Nurses can diagnose DKA, C.Diff and a GI bleed with their noses before entering a patient's room. (Not all our superpowers are glamorous.).

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