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The Dark Knight Rises - Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle

Batman Returns/The Dark Knight Rises: Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle dances

Why Batman/Bruce Wayne is just better

Do You Even Lift Master Wayne?

Buffy + Angel <3

Batman Watercolor Art

Batman - Bruce Wayne

So with film we all have our favorite movies and much as I love the critically acclaimed ones, recently I am in love with the dark knight trilogy. I was raised up with batman and love superhero movies so these ones just blow me away. Love all these movies and everything about them.

The Dark Knight Rises

christian bale (bruce wayne / batman) / heath ledger (joker) in the dark knight (2008)

Selina watching Batman/Bruce with a baby - but WHOSE baby?! {{ Mine. It's a product of Batman/Jenn love. }}

Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle in Batman: Hush

A Dark Knight For Bruce Wayne by J-Skipper

Batman & Catwoman - bruce-wayne-and-selina-kyle Fan Art

Batman Begins

maybe getting up for school won't be so hard with this Batman alarm clock #lego #legomovie

Batman/Bruce Wayne