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Bill Gaither with his brother Danny and sister Mary Ann as the Bill Gaither Trio

“I have also heard and read various accounts of why they [Sheldon Leonard and Carl Reiner] liked me. My favorites? I wasn't too good-looking, I walked a little funny, and I was basically kind of average and ordinary. I guess my lack of perfection turned out to be a winning hand. Let that be a lesson for future generations.” -Dick Van Dyke

I can't describe how this makes me feel...2 beautiful little boys....dear God please richly bless them both and their family....'I will protect him because I Love him'....

Love this new music video by BYU Vocal Point. Nearer, My God, to Thee. Gives me the chills. Gorgeous.

Messiah in America by the Mormon Choral Organization of America. On sale Oct. 25. You know you want it.

Artist Guy Laramee (previously) has recently completed a number of new sculptural works where he transforms thick tomes into incredible topographical features including mountains, caves, volcanoes, and even water.

Love these guys! BYU Vocalpoint......talent extraordinaire!

BRANDON FLOWERS....If you weren't married with kids I'd have my heart set on you ;)

Brett working with our orchestra

Double-breasted tweed vest with no lapels. Denim shirt with collar buttoned, no tie. Rolled jacket sleeves. Emma Watson with short hair.