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I ♥ vintage old fashion 20 decade COCO WAS SO COPIED IN THE 20's SHE WAS AN ICON THEN

1920s French Tinted Postcard I wish I could go back in time or the flapper look would come back in style, I would prefer the time travel though as it would not be the same now.

1920s beaded dress | I wish I knew who this designer was -- oh my god, what a unique piece!

Flapper with feathers---Flappers were a "new breed" of young Western women in the 1920s...The slang word flapper, describing a young woman, is sometimes supposed to refer to a young bird flapping its wings while learning to fly. However, it may derive from an earlier use in northern England to mean teenage girl, referring to one whose hair is not yet put up and whose plaited pigtail flapped on her back or from an older word meaning prostitute.

If only I could be kissed with such abandon by a dude wearing loafers and no socks while holding an umbrella and wearing torn knee highs. Maybe at Pitchfork?

silk 20s dress / 1920s dress / Gypsy Moth dress by DearGolden, $550.00

1920s silk and cotton evening dress by Boué Soeurs. Label: "Boué Soeurs/9 rue de la Paix" via MMA.

Peaches would own the hell out of something like this, in lush velvet

Fashion is what i belive this photo to be about. Dresses were made to fit close to the body in order to emphasize youthful elegance. They wear hats