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Loki- with his children Fenrir the Wolf, Jormungandr the Great Serpent, and Hel. Just missing Sleipnir.


Loki, don’t be such drama queen…



Tom Hiddleston, everybody…

Tom Hiddleston, everybody. What a sweet man.

How Tom Hiddleston reacted when he was told that he got the role of Loki. That much, huh? Like life got hit by a wrecking ball.


Tom Hiddleston Page on

I feel like everyone's reaction to this is just 'lol rebellious teenager' and mine is caught between 'wow, not much of an age difference now!' And 'sobbing'

Tylenol. With a brother like Thor and a father like Odin, you're going to need that. Alllll the time.

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29 Reasons We Fell In Love With Tom Hiddleston In 2013

you're so adorable

Hes just super adorable. He literally cannot control his adorableness. <--- bei g adorable is a weapon and a super power <3

Tom Hiddleston on shooting the hulk scene. My favorite scene... not gonna lie, I peed myself a little from laughing so hard