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bun bun bun hair.. I would need a headband as well. Too many fly aways

I like how the rest of her face looks bare of makeup, but then she has the red lips. Beautiful hair.

keep your kids hair healthy natural. my first straight perm was at age 3 because my mom didnt know how to handle my curly hair. bad idea! when i have kids, im going to learn how to style their hair naturally. :)

Emma Stone is my idol! I love her hair in every style & color, she's always so calm cool collected, she's so pretty always, she's an amazing actress, her fashion sense is incredible, & she seems just so real! :) she would be the first female celebrity I would meet! :) I absolutely love her ♥

The bang braid is your solution to keeping annoying mid-level bangs off your face. | 18 Ingenious Hair Hacks For The Gym

Stained glass nails. One coat of colour, one of sparkles, and another coat of the same colour on top.

St. Patrick's Day Hair and other hairstyles. This site has a ton of hair ideas.

Little girl's hair can be hard to deal with but here is an easy way you can style it that will last all day. Does your daughter have straight or curly hair and how does she usually wear it?