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Quiet minds cannot be perplexed or frightened but go on in fortune or misfortune at their own private pace, like a clock during a thunderstorm.~ Robert Louis Stevenson

Could do something like this if I modified the arms of a clock to be loosely telescoping so they only display 3-9.

thefallingoftherain:(via burningcalligraphy) “ I LOVE clocks. The first thing I remember being fascinated by as a child was clocks. ”

I have old books stacked in just about every room and now I want to add a box of pocket watches or watch parts. I love this look.

A MOMENT IN TIME NEW YEARS TABLESCAPE - by Elizabeth Maxson featured @FocalPoint

33 Cool Ideas To Use Vintage Clocks To Decorate Your Interior. Hard to choose.

clock - hmmmmm, my brown cuckoo is looking vulnerable right now!

Include the following in a 12 minute free write: Time adjective: 2:41_____ (AM/PM or a.m./p.m.) Color adjective: tangerine_____(noun) **Standards: W5, L2, L3 Lesson source: (Clock link shown below)

Pañuelos Familia® Chic Metallic. Un Toque Chic que le dará brillo a cualquier lugar.

Famous clockmaker Seth Thomas created five clocks which were modeled after one in the town square of Bern, Switzerland. This clock in Columbia, SC is the oldest and is an iconic landmark of Sylvan's Jeweler's.