He'll miss his dad. // During the ceremony, Morgan Riddick, 3, of Woonsocket, R.I., son of Thomas Riddick, 30, leaned his head onto his father's leg. Morgan was pulled away from his father after having a difficult time saying goodbye (www.boston.com/news).

Everyone deployed everywhere has someone waiting for them to come home so they can hold their hand.

Story behind this? Her dad was leaving on a 2 year deployment. She was crying, and wouldn’t let go of her dad’s hand, even when he stood in line, saluting. No one had the heart to break them apart.

God Bless America!

remember our soldiers..

Powerful picture

Patrick DeSantis God Bless America and each and every soldier!

Daddy's home. (I know this isn't everyday, but from the look on his face, you can't come any closer to Heaven then that!

forgottennames: justraiseyourhead: Traci Wise: “I found my son sitting having a moment with his daddy (SFC Benjamin Wise) the other day. We lost him January 15 in Afghanistan… we cannot forget about the incredible loss these children must undertake.”

This breaks my heart

Women are strong in the military. I love this picture. It's so inspiring and powerful. Words cannot begin to describe how proud I am of my best friend, Taylor, and all other women fighting!

Heartbreak <3


Remembering our fallen soldiers ...we must never forget.


Thank you for your service!..j

breaks my heart