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FROLIC IN FINERY hairpiece for little girls and toddlers, photoshoots and special occasions multi shades of green, grey, and zebra purple

Baby Girl Announcement....and no....I'm not pregnant. LOL just thought it was cute.

It is good to savour simple wonders the world has to offer. Heart warming 'snapshots' that are emblazoned in our soul, help keep us positive in the now and let us embrace a more positive future . . . those little 'snapshots' of the heart are what make life a priceless treasure. ~ Angie Karan

You should announce the sex with a picture of you and madison like this ♥

I think this is such a cool idea! Have a high school senior bring a favorite baby picture and do a similar themed photo. What a great way to see the difference in your kids as they grow-up. My mom had me do this. I love the photos. They are hanging side by side on their wall! Mary Powers Powers Powers Casillas do we have a red hat I could wear for my pictures?

Too cute! Hope someone is preggo with me :D *ahem* Toni? Hehehe

Ice cream top + puppet show shorts - Oliver + S pattern. LOVE the fabric choices here, it makes the outfit seem sophisticated & classic, not fussy & prissy.

Maternity Photos. Haha omg I need this pic!! It's exactly what happens...Cody is usually helping me out too 😏

\\\ Love this photograph \\\ super cute

Photograph your daughter in your wedding dress to give to her on her wedding day. this is PRECIOUS! I will certainly be doing this!