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16 Common Household Items With Secret Uses - Chalk, Ziptop bags, Wax paper, Vinegar, Disposable cups, Salt, Coffee filters, Petroleum jelly, Corn starch, Hand lotion, Hair dryer, Dryer sheets, Tape, Nail polish, Rubber bands, Toothpaste

The Best Laundry Tip 1/4 cup vinegar to every load to keep clothes fresh and laundry machine mildew free. Says to add vinegar to softener slot when washing towels, linens etc. --I just dump some in the load and the clothes come out much fresher, which is great since we use unscented laundry detergent and fabric softener

46 Creative Uses for Vinegar! ~ from ~ you'll be amazed at some of these creative cleaning tips and tricks! #diy #thefrugalgirls

laundry stain cheat sheet---These are all wonderful tips, and I'd add this: while working many years as a registered nurse in surgery & critical care, I kept a bottle of peroxide handy at the desk or in my locker.....apply a little to blood stains & they lift right out. I always had the whitest lab coat & cleanest shoes! Peroxide works well for stains that are organic in nature....

10 Vinegar Cleaning Secrets. So many amazing ways to use vinegar! This is a great way to save money when cleaning your home!

Vinegar Tips: How to Clean the Bathroom - Ask Anna