25 rules for mothers of boys

17 Things Boys Need from their Moms

Mother-Son bucket list. This is a must-do list of things to do with your son while he is growing up....or even after. Excellent!

20 Things a mother should tell her son.

19 Things We Should Say to Our Children...absolutely LOVE this! Number 4 is something I need to memorize.

Conversations Moms Should Have with Their Sons. Very true!

Amazing! Every mom should read!!

101 fun & almost free things to do with your kids (It does say Summer - so hopefully there are some nice days through the holidays!)

17 Things Boys Need from their Moms... this is perfect... and if you are a mom of a little boy... it will make you cry!

"Raising Boys (A Dad's Advice for Moms)" This is PRECIOUS. Absolutely loved it. And the advice is good, too!IF YOU HAVE A SON, READ THIS!! It will enlighten and make you laugh!

200 ways to bless your child with a happy childhood. This list melted my heart! Happy to see that I do a lot on this list without even thinking about it. It's just our normal :)

10 things I've learned since becoming a boy mom

motherhood quote

Mother of Boys

How to let go of the mom guilt and move forward when we make a mistake

In this interview, Sheri Rose Shepherd discusses ways for moms to proactively train sons to become husbands and fathers with integrity, responsibility and respect.

A little extreme. But I like it

25 rules for mothers with daughters. The best thing I have ever pinned... I want this framed to where I can see it every day. I want to be this mom!!!

If you want to raise kids who aren't always obsessed with the latest and greatest, and who don't wrap their self-esteem in their possessions, then check out some of these tips to raise non-materialistic children -