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had um, loved um!

remember when? Loved puffy stickers when I was a kid.I had not 1 but 2 sticker albums.remember when those were popular?

Cuando habia era mi seleccion. Se acababan bien rapido

Totally destroyed the roof of my mouth but i loved them!Smurf-Berry Crunch Cereal: now we have Cap'n Crunch Oops! All Berries. Clearly Smurf-Berry Crunch was ahead of it's time! Cereals From The You Will Never Eat Again)

Girl Talk is the name of a board game first sold in 1988. It was a popular/staple game for teenage girls throughout the 90s. It was similar to the parlour game Truth or Dare. Girl Talk was one of a rash of "teenage girl-themed games" that appeared on the market in the 80s and 90s based around boys, talking on the phone, dancing, having parties and sleepovers, and other "girl-ish" themes.

Girl Talk game with zit stickers. - I had this and played it all of the time!

Vintage Fisher Price #baby toy #kid toy| http://babytoy.lemoncoin.org

loved it back in the day Fisher Price dog.many hours spent with our little people sets Cartoon

Cyndi 80s

Girls, they wanna have fun.Girls just wanna have fun!

Lo tenía...¡¡,era para hacer sumas,restas,etc,y tenías que acertar lo que te ponía.

Little Professor Electronic Calculator Math--another flashback from the past.jonathan still has his and the kids use it for math!


Bubblicious: Watermelon Wave and Paradise Punch were the best! They were banned from long car rides due to obnoxious smell!

Disney Pluto Collasping Dog. Push the button on the underneath side & his legs collasped.  I had one just like this.  1950's

Pluto Maxi-Push Puppet -You could buy them at Five Dimes, what we called 'the Dime store. I loved mine! Played with it for hours!

80s toys!! nostalgia

JUGUETES RETRO - vulgar_remembers

Rainbow Brite, Shy Violet, Twink, and a blue sprite

Clearly Canadian!! I LOVED THESE! :) reminds me of Summers in Illinois

I'm not a fan of flavored water, but I LOVED Clearly Canadian in high school.