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Falling on the Land, Cayuse Warrior

Cayuse Warrior

Cayuse Indian

Blackfoot Warrior with Sword

Indian Warriors

Warrior - Audrey, Assiniboine Nakoda, Wolf Point, Montana

Mooragootch, a Shoshone warrior, ca. 1884.

Crow Warrior

Native American

warriors by photoluver1, via Flickr

Pawnee Warrior 1860

Little Warrior ready for the Pow Wow by Nihihiro Shihiro, via Flickr


Osage Warriors

Cherokee, via Flickr.

"Itomagaju", Hunkpapa Sioux Chief (1835-1905) This fearless warrior became well known for his leadership during the Fetterman Massacre, Red Photograph by David F. Barry, c.1885

Feather Wolf, Cheyenne Warrior

"Stunned by Lightning" Kickapoo Warrior 1898


American Indian

Crow Indian Warrior