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That's right! Dryer sheets aren't just for laundry. Save money and get creative with these 20 Other Uses for Dryer Sheets. #11 might surprise you!

Dryer Sheets. http://thriftyninja.net/2013/01/over-50-uses-for-dryer-sheets/

Dryer Sheets 1. Makes bathroom mirrors and fixtures sparkle 2. Use to get sticky dust right off furniture, blinds and baseboards.3.Cleans up stove tops and greasy cabinets quickly. 4.Soak paint brushes with warm water and a dryer sheet. Watch the paint come right off. 5.Clean dead bugs off your car. 6.Wipes pet hair off furniture and clothing. 7 Keeps mosquitoes away.

Best uses around the house for dryer sheets.

Ditch the dryer sheets with all-natural, eco-friendly Smart Sheep 100% Wool Dryer Balls. Handmade from New Zealand wool, Smart Sheep is the most affordable brand on the market. Shortens drying time, saving you money and energy. Each durable set lasts for 3-5 years so you can stop buying disposable fabric softening products. Wool dryer balls will soften and fluff laundry without chemicals. Great for babies, cloth diapering, those with allergies, or for anyone who does laundry!

"Dryer sheets to clean baseboards. Not only cleans up, but also coats them to repel hair and dust. Makes your house smell like fresh laundry too! - Click image to find more DIY & Crafts Pinterest pins

Pinterest Challenge Day 11 - Completed! I washed my towels in 1 Cup of vinegar on hot, then again with 1/2 cup of baking soda on hot. I just pulled them out of the washer to move to the dryer and my towels smell 10 times better. Apparently I didn't realize how musty and gross my towels were smelling!---> I should try this!

Take your favorite liquid fabric softener and soak an old hand towel or flour cloth completely with it. Wring it out and let it dry completely, then throw it in with your next load. This mega-fabric softener sheet should be good for at least 40 loads of laundry, stretching out softener use and lessening waste. In other words, save money.

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Don't throw away your old cookie sheets. Use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to clean them with NO scrubbing! How cool is that?

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