Wow! Apple Pie of Roses. This is stunning. I only I could understand the instructions.

Reposted from Eastern European web. This is what this apple tart look slike prior to baking. shaved apples arranged as roses. so gorgeous raw and baked. Вкусно с Йоли: Ябълков пай на рози

Apple pie in the apple!

Apple pie in an apple- love the pie crust toppers. would be cute on mini apple pies too.

The Country Cook: Butter Crumble Apple Pie. I actually just baked this pie up and LOVE the unconventional topping.

Butter Crumble Apple Pie recipe from The Country Cook. This recipe uses Wham Bam Pie Crust to make this super easy and the butter crumble is what makes this one over the top delicious! (pie crust uses butter)

Mile-High Caramel Apple Pie:  Four pounds of apples go into this towering pie—but you don't have to peel a single one. Just slice the fruit and pile it up. Oats baked into the flour crust add a rustic touch, while warm caramel sauce drizzled on top provides extra sweetness.

Mile-High Caramel Apple Pie

Imagine if the wicked which showed up with this pie instead of the apple? 5 Star Mile High Caramel Apple Pie: Loaded with juicy apples, this luscious dessert recipe is drizzled with a gooey caramel topping.

24 mini apple pies: 8 cups 1/2" apples, 12T flour, 1 1/2 cup sugar, 4 tsp cinn., 2 recipes pie crust, wide mouth mason ring cutter. Bake 400 for 18-22 min

Mini Apple Pies

apple pies for thanksgiving I didn't find the pie recipe. But there was a great white cake recipe I have to try. Maybe if you keep digging around on her site you'll find the individual apple pie recipe. For now I'm happy.

Apple pie

12 Ways To Turn Your Ugly Pie Into A Showstopper

Shingled Crust Brandy Apple Pie recipe / Licking the Plate: The Beauty of Fall

Homemade Apple Pie with Lemon Butter Crust

Homemade Apple Pie with Lemon Butter Crust

Homemade Apple Pie with Lemon Butter Crust (Lemon Butter Crust sounds good with Blueberry too!

OMG. I'm not shy about the fact that I absolutely love dessert, but I've never considered myself a pie person. Something about hot fruit rub...

Candy Apple Pie Recipe You'll Want to Sink Your Teeth Into

Candy Apple Pie - I made this for Christmas Eve with my family and they really enjoyed it! My dad said the cream cheese/cheesecake filling over the apples really gave it that extra pop.

ケーキ | Sumally

Caramel Crumble Apple Pie in Whole Wheat Pecan Crust with Homemade Vanilla Ice Food food

These are super cute. We like they're style. :: MIni Apple Pies

Mini Apple Pie Recipe and Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas from Lyons Lyons Johnson / She Wears Many Hats

Award Winning Caramel Candy Apple Pie | Halloween Culture

Award Winning Caramel Candy Apple Pie

Recipe For Candy Apple Pie - Winner of Good Morning America’s "Pie of Emeril’s Eye" Contest! This one was pretty easy, tasty, and beautiful. I think it would make a gorgeous addition to a Holiday table.

Apple Pie Cookies. Warm, gooey bits of crust and filling baked into adorable and delicious little cookies!

Apple pie cookies - the juiciest, chewiest, fruitiest Apple Pie Cookie ever! (And they're easy too!) makes about pie cookies depending upon your cutter size. May want to double the recipe or things might get ugly!