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Scorpios is a nature of dark intensity and swirling passion. Sexual magnetism pervades you whole being and you have a serious interest in your sex life. The rumors and myths have it that Scorpio has the best love life of all the signs, but it's not always true. Scorpios develop early and experiment in many ways emotionally when they are very young. They often have many sexual experiences in their search for ideal mate, one who can satisfy their intense needs. When they find one, they are faithful, honorable, and usually monogamous. However, love life can be a problem. Scorpios may have to rechannel their drives and fit them into realistic life patterns, effecting a total change. But the passion for life never dies. No matter what your private life is like, you have a thirst for life and desire for survival that makes you irressistible. Sometimes, when people hear you're Scorpio, they act a litttle afraid. It's usually a ruse to cover up their titillation and excitement and secret t hope that you'll seduce them. You are stirred by primitive passions that are the bases for your sexual orientation, creative drives, and need for self expression. No other sign has such a profound instinc for survival and reproduction. Out of the abyss of your emotions come a thousand creations, each one with life of it's own, each one like an incomprehensible abstract painting. Scorpios are passionate lover and prolific artist. Often your eyes snap and crackle with the dark energy of your whole being. When you fix your interest on someone or something, you become obsessed.