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Living wall

Design Trend: Living Walls

Modern Gardening: vertical gardening tiles

vertical living walls

Living Walls

living green wall!

Vertical gardens; living walls...

pergola design

living wall

vertical planting

Vertical garden

Stabilized plant green wall

WOW! Edmonton Airport living green wall, what an art piece! No EcoSalvage here... but so beautiful we had to share it!

Cinder Block Planter

Tumbleweed Traveller- Uprooted Gardener: How to Build Your Own Living Wall or Vertical Garden

instead of a brick patio?

Vertical Green Wall with alternating polished stainless steel water feature - water wall

great idea plus the gutters are slanted slightly for draining!

vertical garden

I have wanted to make a living wall for years. This would look great used with garden pockets used to create a vertical garden.