Just Pink and Turquoise by Lynda Benglis. Located in the front office of the #USF Contemporary Art Museum.

The University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum displays multiple exhibitions each year and maintains the university’s art collection of more than 5,000 art works. The museum is located on the #USF Tampa campus adjacent to the College of the Arts.

Forest Spirit mural by Janaina Tschäpe. Located in the #USF School of Music lobby.

Tampa Wind by Stacy Levy. Located on the Natural and Environmental Sciences building on the #USF Tampa campus.

Maze 2000 by Alice Aycock. Located near the #USF School of Music.

Icon II by Alexander Liberman. Located in front of Theatre 1 on the #USF Tampa campus.

Earth and Sky Garden by Dale Eldred. Located at the #USF College of Public Health.

The Preacher by Leroy Jackson, Sr. Located in the #USF Marshall Student Center.

Amerika: For the Children of Tampa and The Frogs: For the Children of Tampa by Tim Rollins & K.O.S. Located in the #USF College of Education.

Double Rotation by Alyson Shotz. Located at the Carol and Frank Morsani Center for Advanced Health Care on the #USF Tampa campus.

da Vinci's Dream by Maria Emilia. Located in the #USF Campus Recreation Center.

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"Tundra" - By Slinkachu

The speck on the end of this eyelash is a micro sculpture of Charlie Chaplin created by Artist, Willard Wigan

Dans sa série Little People, le photographe français Jean-Joseph Renucci rejoint les rangs de Slinkachu et Christopher Boffoli dans la création de mondes miniatures fantastique.

William Kass Photography

Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida

AkikoIda Pierre Javelle