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Disney princess Cinderella canvas acrylic by stardustcreationz. I would love a quad of 4 different princesses like this for a little girls room :)

What its like having sex on my dorm bed<--------LOL PREVIOUS PINNER'S COMMENT. I JUST DIED.

What it's like having sex on my dorm bed

well now i know how to say "My acorn is missing. Did you eat my acorn? You owe me a new acorn." in squirrel ;

Best costume

Funny pictures about Kronk Costume Win. Oh, and cool pics about Kronk Costume Win. Also, Kronk Costume Win photos.

Dragon, DRAGON!

19 Times Mushu Was The Greatest Character In "Mulan"

but Flyn Rider isn't :)

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Because I am a lady!

The Aristocats. "Because Im a lady that's why!" "Your not a lady your nothing but a sister!

The best quote from the best movie. Used this one as an audition when I was younger. So much sass...

pudge the fish. pudge controls the weather. pudge the fish controls weather

I just love that all these character's voices are done by the same people. They each have a few voices throughout the film.

Hercules - this is one of the funniest things. Hercules is just a funny movie. Hence all of the awesome pins from it.