Benefits of Massage during Pregnancy #health #wellness

Pregnancy Fitness Week by Week Find out how you need to alter your exercise routine during each week of pregnancy with these easy tips. #WhatToExpect #Pregnancy #Health #Fitness

Benefits of Massage

Benefits of Coconut During Pregnancy

Benefits of Massage #wellness #health

fitbook mama2b for expectant mothers...wish I had this back then. But I have the regular fitbook now!!! It's on!!!

Health benefits of walking.

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7 Heath Benefits Of Vitamin C During Pregnancy

Prenatal Massage: learn about the benefits and how to get relief for your back aches, hip pains, neck pains, and more

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Pregnancy self-portrait

Know the Sex of Your Baby at the FIRST Ultrasound! Well I saw this late, but I went back and looked at my ultrasounds and it works at least for me!!!

Staying Active During Pregnancy / The Facts / Baby Blog / Prenatal Working Out / Pregnancy Fitness / Health

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Vitamins During Pregnancy Infographic #motel168 lifestyle#