Salisbury Cathedral in England ~ Salisbury cathedral focus on a more English design attribute, the horizontal line. Rows of Triumphal arches make up the facade These stacks of triumphal arches create strong horizontal lines, tying the building to the land where it sits. Additionally; this width frames the entrance, framing godliness and holiness.

October 24: cloister \ KLOI-ster \, verb; 1. to confine in retirement; seclude. 2. to confine in a monastery or convent. 3. to furnish with a cloister or covered walk. 4. to convert into a monastery or convent. noun: 1. a covered walk, especially in a religious institution, having an open arcade or colonnade usually opening onto a courtyard. 2. a place of religious seclusion, as a monastery or convent. 3. any quiet, secluded place.

Salisbury Cathedral - Salisbury

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