Cooking a multi course meal with stacked dutch ovens and BBQ briquettes. Firewood works the same way, build up a base of coals and scoop them onto the dutch oven lids. You want heat applied to both top and bottom-these containers become ovens. Bake bread, biscuits, corn bread or pie in top oven while main course is simmering below. Cook in a stack of three, making stew, bread and pie. Start the stew well before baked items.

DIY Fire Starters for Camping - You begin with an empty egg carton, add old dryer lint, and cover in wax. You just let the wax dry, break them into 12 individual cups, and light the cardboard corner to start your fire.

Dutch Oven University

Pinner says My dad came up with this GREAT idea! Its a Do It Yourself Live-Well -laundry basket with drilled holes in the bottom, zip ties, and a swimming noodle

REI Employees' Best Camp Cooking Recipes

Camp Kitchen Organizer made from a shoe bag. Keeps everything you need at eye level!

Dutch oven cooking

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15 Secrets to Dutch Oven Cooking

Grub Hub Camp Kitchen - this suitcase sized unit opens up to include shelves, storage, poles for hanging towels and utensils and a two burner stove.

Why wouldnt I want to cook dinner in the backyard on a warm summer eve?

15 Secrets to Dutch Oven Cooking

Learn how to use a Dutch oven during your next campout with this "Dutch Oven 101" guide.

I LOVE the tips in this post! How to plan and prep camping meals. Genius.

Recipes for using a dutch oven over a camp fire.

Dutch Oven Cooking

Dutch Oven Recipes

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Dutch Oven Brownies. Great for camping. Dutch oven recipe. Uses charcoal easy instructions to follow!

Make the most of a Dutch oven

Dutch oven recipes.