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awesome site with really clear photos and instructions for different embroidery stitches!

I ❤ embroidery . . . Pistil stitch- Also known as: Long french knot. This is a decorative stitch. We can also say it is a motif stitch which can be used for the purpose of making flower pistils or similar looking patterns. There is not much hassle in doing the pistil stitch and is just a variation of the french knot. I would say, pistil stitch is to french knot just the way long tailed daisy is to lazy daisy! The only difference is a little longer tail.

Whipped Running stitch. Contrast with the running stitch foundation.

This is the basic and simplest of the chain stitch family. It gives a chain like appearance or, like petals lined up one after the other.

Braided Chain Stitch from Sarah's Hand Embroidery Tutorials. Also has links for lots of other stitches. Looks like an excellent link to learn from

EXCELLENT resource for embroidery stitches (this is a twisted chain stitch)

Embroidery Stitches, she teaches you how to do everyone of these in their basic form, then tells you how to do the variations.

Embroidery stitch The tutorial is here:

rope stitch | Sarah's Hand Embroidery Tutorials

"Very complete Embroidery Tutorial Guide with many stitch instructions ~ this site has very clear instructions, will definitely use this one!"

up and down blanket stitch | Sarah's Hand Embroidery Tutorials