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  • Susan Landry

    Yogurt Dough: A Versatile and Easy Pastry Dough Recipe

  • Lesleigh Monsey

    Whole Wheat Yogurt Dough: Use in place of refrigerated crescent roll dough for a healthier recipe!

  • Sarah Showalter

    Yogurt Pie Dough- made with soaked whole wheat flour. Use it anywhere you would use a pie crust or crescent roll dough.  I love using it to top my homemade pot pie filling.  You can also make pockets out of it to hold any kind of filling, sweet or savory.  Really the possibilities are endless.  You can even try making homemade pop tarts out of it!

  • Lisa Wellman

    Keeper of the home, veggie pot pie with sweet potato biscuit crust

  • Holly Saville

    Whole wheat Yogurt Dough: A Versatile and Easy Recipe - Keeper of the Home. Use in place of pie crusts for chicken pot pie and in place of crescent rolls in recipes!

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