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Big Puppy - Either: "I don't feel good... Please HOLD me" OR: But, but, but I don't NEED any shots!!!!!!!!!!!

If, by some miracle, I'm ever settled enough to have livestock, I want one of these... as a pet. I'd, I don't know, take it on walks and stuff. Do you think you can teach a cow to fetch?

Hi so many people think that pit bulls will attack you if u get to close but the truth is that any dog can be taught to be mean. pit bulls are really sweet dogs

Forget the zoo! This little guy can live in my garage!

The cheetah cannot roar, but ranks among the more vocal felines. Their vocalization includes chirping, stuttering, growling,yowling and purring. These sounds all have a different meaning.

*Little Cheetah (by Ric Stevens).... ................Mom, where are you?

I adore cheetahs, and watching their grace when they move!!

I want to take this Cheetah home with and cuddle with him. I don't care that he can kill me. #AdorableAnimals

Again this cheeta shows just how detailed God's work is. Not just some random explosion that was made out of nothing sense nothing was there....

Cheetah by safari-partners, via Flickr Cub

Kiburi the #cheetah was such an adorable cub! graciousness, these cats are B-to the-UTIFUL! I got to see two in the wild=INCREDIBLE. And that baby is just plain punk. I love it.