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Love this idea! This blog is full of fantastic ideas.....especially for children...but work well for adult holidays, etc.

Autumn Play Collection: 40 Fabulous Ideas

The Imagination Tree-Creative play and learning for kids. Tons of ideas from arts & crafts, sensory play, discovery boxes, play dough recipes.

Treasure Baskets. The idea for this is called Heuristic Play, coined by child psychologist Elinor Goldschmeid, and it simply means the discovery of the properties of objects. In Heuristic play sessions, you present your baby with a selection of natural or found objects, from around the house and garden and allow them the time and space to explore them using all of their senses.  LOVE THIS!

Heuristic Play- Treasure Baskets

Wonderful developmental DIY discovery baskets for mos The Imagination Tree: Heuristic Play- Treasure Baskets

* 1 cup of salt  * 2 cups of flour  * 1.5 cups of boiling water (important that it is straight from kettle)  * 2 tbsp oil  * 2 tbsp cream of tartar (or a squeeze of lemon juice)  * a few drops of glycerine  * black food coloring  * silver glitter    Method:  Mix it all together in a bowl until it starts to come together. Then knead it for a few minutes and add the coloring and glitter. Will last for months in a zip-loc bag in the cupboard.

Black Sparkle Space Play Dough

Black Sparkle Space Play Dough - 2 cups of flour * cup of salt * cups of boiling water * 2 tbsp oil * 2 tbsp cream of tartar * a few drops of glycerine * 1 tbsp black powder paint * silver glitter

Glowing Activities for Kids! | The Imagination Tree

Glowing Activities for Kids

NEED BLACK LIGHT- Glowing tonic filled balloons- Tonic make a great alternative to glow water. My daughter loved shaking the balloons, and making the water bubble and fizz.

Moldable sand:  5 cups of plain flour  1 cup baby oil  Mix well together and PLAY! That’s it!

Top 10 Sensory Play Ideas from 2011

Mouldable sand sensory table The Imagination Tree: Recipe for Mouldable Sand.) recipe for cloud dough or mouldable sand: 5 cups of plain flour 1 cup baby oil Mix well together and PLAY!

Rainbow Shaker

St. Patrick's Day Discovery Bottles