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27 Hilarious Detention Slips (PHOTOS)

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Joe gets detention partly for his squeaky chair. Maybe the Geometry departement should work on getting better chairs? Now the other reason for detention, farting in a fellow student's face, think you're on your own there, Joe. Cool your jets!

This would be the PERFECT moment to sing the first verse of "Don't Stop Believing" and have the rest of the class finish it verse by verse.

This was Extra Credit for my final..

My cousin's drama teacher did this. But, they knew about it before the test while the teacher didn't know that they knew. When everyone was done, they all stood up and sang bohemian rhapsody together. The teacher gave each student 15 points.

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Unhelpful High School Teacher Meme - Lectures class about wasting time. For the whole period.

How else would you get rid of your snow? - Imgur

How else would you get rid of your snow?

Four billion tons of white bull shit. Oh my gosh I love this guy hahahahahaha

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5 Funny Pictures Of Today - #funnymemes #funnypictures #funnyanimals #funny #lol #haha #memes #funnytexts #funnyquotes

Wacky and Weird Detention Slips

"How do you kick a ceiling by accident?!"

23 Of The Funniest Things To Ever Happen At School, According To Tumblr

"How do you kick a ceiling by accident?!"

Vegetation is Murder!

I will never eat baby carrots again. Worst thing ever. That was so sudden. they had a pretty good life and the baby carrot got taken from it's mum and dad.<-- baby carrots are acidly real carrots cut up



I OWN THIS - Fun coffee table book for obvious reasons, though not overly informative. It features a handful of phobias and not the most shocking ones.

The Author Is Simultaneously Demented And Genius

But what if you had a phobia of pop-up books? Then you would never be able to read The Pop-up Book of Phobias because of your pop-up book phobia.