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San Francisco BART station walksheds

San Francisco BART station walksheds Thickness of lines is logarithmic because otherwise the huge numbers of people on the blocks immediately adjacent to the downtown stations are about all you can see.

With his Movie Maps project, the illustrator Andrew DeGraff decided to draw the maps of the cult movies of pop culture, this is Shaun of the dead

Movie Maps – All the movements of characters in the cult movies

Illustrator Andrew DeGraff thinks about films differently to you and I: he sees them as giant maps of physical locations, just waiting to be explored. Can you work out which films these wonderful treasure maps drawn by DeGraff are supposed to represent?

Architecture Site Plan Diagram

Various site analysis diagrams such as "Public concentration"; School of architecture in Northern Ontario, Canada, Evgeniya Yatsyuk

For Site analysis - Sometimes its cool to take one base plan and then make multiple versions of it for different types of analysis. Then when you are presenting you can flick though each map and really direct people to what you are talking about.

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Gauthier Durey, ‘Landscape urbanism interpretive mapping’, 2015, Digital collage.

archisketchbook - architecture-sketchbook, a pool of architecture drawings, models and ideas - drawingarchitecture: Gauthier Durey, ‘Landscape.

zurich figure ground plan, from Great Streets by Allan Jacobs

Graphic Design - Ici et là - Maps

Map Print of Manhattan

Map Print of Manhattan