make some delightfully disgusting potions


Halloween Decor: Harry Potter Potion Bottles

Harry Potter Wands

potion envolope

Potion Labels

Potion Ingredients


Potion Jar Centerpieces

Harry potter potion labels

For Halloween, use these fun labels to decorate old jars! Potions galore!

Harry Potter invites. Really great idea.

DIY Halloween Fun-House Tutorial.

Potion Garland Banner - Made in a Day

these would be fun and easy to make...

Candy Potions ~ Invitation to play, invent and explore

Makeup Transformations - not sure I could manage these, but it would be fun to try! #Makeup #Beauty

Make your own bubbling magic potions for Halloween!

mamascout :: math lab - write a googol

Potion Lab! That looks like so much fun!!!