Wax Paper & Crayon Chandelier: a fun and inexpensive #DIY ! http://www.theletter4.com/

Crayon & Wax Paper

Drawer knobs and pulls for a wall hanging jewelry holder

Mobile by dottie angel ... now imagine this for 4 different seasons. I immediately thought of an autumn version with a silk fall leaf fall and little branched twigs attached to the frame. So many possibilities! Thank you dottie!

DIY book paper roses

Crepe paper flower.

DIY Paper Mobile Kit - Rainbow Heart Mobile / Wall Hanging / Baby Shower / Unique Wedding Gift / Nursery Decor / Birthday Gift / Party Decor

Beaded Chandelier - FUN!

Chandelier out of wax paper. Must. Have. One.

All you need is a butterfly punch, paper, ribbon and a circle. And it's so beautiful. ♥

Paper flowers.

Print out a pattern you like, place a sheet of wax paper over it and trace the pattern with puffy paints. When it dries peel it off the wax paper and apply it to permanent surface. So much potential. virginiaandcharli...

make paper

Cute paper crafts

DIY: wax paper and crayon fall leaves #crafts

This would be good for a kids room,

print photo on wax paper and then iron onto fabric.

How to make the melted crayon art.